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Welcome to The PolarBear's Lair

Hamish logoUnfortunately my long-time Mastodon instance has been experiencing a lot of downtime and I have decided to move to another. This is especially important now that I am using Owncast and trying to integrate as much as possible with the Fediverse. I have updated the links on this website and on my Owncast page. If you find any links that go to the old account then please let me know so I can update them.

I am trying to get my main system (Earth) just how I want it. This is a project that enters my head every so often before I get annoyed and install KDE/Plasma again but I have been getting better every time. I might stream some of this work in the near future, hopefully so other nerds can help me out and keep me on the straight and narrow. In case you are interested, currently I am running AwesomeWM (although I am trying to strip out most of it except for the window management and global shortcuts) with picom, dunst, kitty, unclutter and rofi. I have some of the "wibar" still but I am trying to get rid of that, once I replace a couple of services it currently offers.

As far as applications are concerned I am trying to use simple, mostly console based stuff. Partly because I am old and partly because it is usually more powerful. So far I have calcurse, neomutt, kakoune and a few others going. I need to do a lot of configuring and probably some scripting to get neomutt how I want it but there is a lot to learn to get it how I want it.
Ideally, I want to become proficient with shell scripting, sed, awk, regex and kakoune(vim like) amongst other things. Frustration and laziness have marred my past attempts but I know the benefits far outweigh the effort of learning these things. Time will tell.

Some of you may have noticed there is now a "Links" page and there are a few links on there to get us started. More will be added as time goes on.

This page last updated: Sunday 12th of June 2022