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1st June 2020

Another week with only one type of stream - all Retro/Classic games this week. Probably involving some faffing on the first night to make sure things are setup.

25th May 2020

Only one thing on stream this week, Elite: Dangerous all the way.

20th May 2020

UPDATE: Sorry but the quiz is postponed until Friday night, L4D2 is on tomorrow as advertised.

17th May 2020

Hamish has been feverishly banging away to create another quiz for you lucky people. Later in the week we will also be fighting zombies again in L4D2 with a few special guests. I am starting the week off with a continuing look at MIDI hardware and software on Linux as I set up my MIDI network and investigate some of the practical uses of MIDI.

12th May 2020

Spending some time in space this week as well as taking a look at more Linux audio stuff.

2nd May 2020

A special electronics project on stream this week. We will start by building and testing the circuit with solderless breadboard(s). Next we will progress to building a more permanent version. Warning - may feature hot soldering action. All will be revealed on Monday evening. The project is one we have discussed on streams a few times and will useful for future streams.

25th April 2020

Next week sees a return to space exploration in Elite: Dangerous as well as another Quiz night and we round off the week with a few runs at Duskers.

19th April 2020

No planned Monday stream this week as the faffery and PC juggling continues. I will be on the other three usual evenings.

16th April 2020

Tonight (Thursday) has been changed to Insurgency. We will be using Discord for voice chat - please be on around 1950ish (UK Time) so I can set up the group call.

12th April 2020

Bit of a Faff-fest this week for the most part. I want YOU to help me tart up the streams by choosing some cool extensions, some always on, some for special occasions. I also want to chat with you all about the future of The Shenanigans. Different times and days for streams, new (or old comeback) games or subjects, anything you think would make the streams more fun or more convenient for you to watch.
I won't be streaming on Monday as I am in the midst of installing and reinstalling PCs and rearranging the desk etc. Back on Tuesday though and we will be having a quiz on Wednesday!

6th April 2020

This week I will be having a go at a game I never played, sort of...
I have looked briefly at the Mike Singleton classics Lords of Midnight and Doomdark's Revenge on the ZX Spectrum on streams in the past. This week I will be trying out the 90s PC remakes for the first time ever.


Lords of Midnight was good but not really exciting to stream. The rest of the week has been rescheduled. Please do check out the replay of Monday. The two games (Lords of Midnight and the sequel, Doomdark's Revenge) are available for free in their PC "fan remake" versions (as shown on stream) from GOG.

31st March 2020

Time to continue shocking you all with the classic System Shock 2.

30th March 2020

I have not planned out this week yet but I will post a schedule tomorrow. I am not streaming tonight (Monday)

23rd March 2020

We will be having a mixed and varied week this week.
UPDATE! Added Friday Fright Night - we haven't had one for a while!

20th March 2020

Just an update - I am streaming tonight with another session of System Shock 2.

I will post next week's schedule soon as well, I will be taking a break from SS2 for sure. Check back at the weekend here.

16 March 2020

I won't be on tonight (Monday) but the rest of the week I will be continuing System Shock 2. I might play an extra session on Friday night to make up for missing Monday.

8th March 2020

Time for Hamish to play something "classic" that he is ignorant of and people always go on about. This time the game is "System Shock 2". I am sure I will be told I am playing it wrong by fanboys and attract a few disappointed strangers, such fun. #GrumpyOldMan

2nd March 2020

Wow - March already! This week we will be exploring some new territory with some space games I have been meaning to play for ages but end up not getting around to.

23rd February 2020

We are nearing the climax of The Thing, the last sections of the game should take one or two more sessions. In case anything takes a little longer I will keep the other days open for now.

* Subject to change.

17th February 2020

This week we carry on with The Thing.

12th February 2020

Rise of the Tomb Raider is completed now so tomorrow we begin a new game - a classic based on the John Carpenter film of the same name, The Thing.

10th February 2020

Our journey with Lara Croft provides all of the adventures this week.

3rd February 2020

Hamish's pain is your pleasure! No Monday stream this week but Friday Fright Night is back and Lara Croft will be torturing me the rest of the time.

27th January 2020

Return to Madelyn and Space exploration this week, as well as a night of electronics PLUS Friday Fright Night!

20th January 2020

I want to give my BIG ONE a good hard testing now that it is hopefully fixed so, this week, all week long will be suitable games of an arcade & retro bent.

12th January 2020

UPDATE Not doing Monday this week now but I will do Friday Night to make up for it. This week will mainly be in space...

4th January 2020

This week's streaming schedule:

2nd January 2020

Welcome to the space year 2020!

I forgot to allow for fireworks arseholery so I had to cancel yesterday's stream at the last moment after realising that me & poor Zeus were knackered after a very restless night.

Back in action tonight though, picking up on the electronics streaming that was interrupted PLUS Friday Fright Night tomorrow.

Okay, I have hinted at a promise of "pain for payment" for a while now and it is time to make good on that. The reason this has taken me so long is that I am trying to balance not being greedy with not making it too easy for you buggers. I don't want to be screwed over by making the target low enough for one person to stick into my g-string then gleefully sit back and watch me squirm arrhythmically. On the other hand I have a hard time coping with any acknowledgement of my self worth. I have decided to just bite the bullet and get started, seeing how it goes and adjusting as necessary.
I want this to be a sustainable monthly thing so I also need to make sure it is enough to fund future masochism. So without further faff - here is January 2020's goal:

The small print: this applies only to donations made through tipeeestream (this is by far the easiest way for me to track & display donations) and only during January 2020. The target is in € because that is the currency used by Tipeestream. I have added a donation tracker to the overlay.

I may also add the reward of the highest donator being able to choose a future reward.

UPDATE: There is some issue with the Tipeestream donations not working on Firefox at the time of writing - hopefully this will be fixed. The solution at present is to use a Chromium-based browser.

30th December 2019

Slightly late but here is this week's schedule:

Monday: We carry on the adventures of Battle Princess Madelyn.

Tuesday - Thursday: Electronics is back! The planned completion of the HamCom fab.8 is looming and I need to employ the stream brain trust. We need to work out and solidify the plans, having veered a rather long way from the Ben Eater project but still using it as a guideline.

I also want to start a smaller project for a "high tech" doorbell type system so I will let you know what ideas I have so far and we can let those ideas percolate over the next few weeks and make a start on it after the fab.8 is done.

22nd December 2019

Having a sort of flexi-week on stream this week so just keep an eye out for me going live. Monday night will be normal then I will be winging it a bit from there. Monday: Battle Princess Madeline continues.

17th December 2019

Super Bonus Stream Update! Friday Fright Night is back this week! Come see Hamish shite his troosers this Friday night!

!! and !!!!

15th December 2019
Electronics update: 8-bit homebrew computer - I am going to extend the budget slightly to solve a few problems in hardware. If I don't do this then I would be making a mish-mash of different circuits for the registers and still have to put one or two of them into the arduino anyway. If I buy a few ready-made register chips then I will save some time and headaches.

9th December 2019

1st December 2019

December already! My but doesn't time fly for us old farts? I thought I would start with a chilled out night this week...
On the subject of building projects, I am also putting up some information about projects here on the website too! Click the "Home Brew Micro" link for shenanigans and faff.

25th November 2019

Sorry for the tardiness in updating this week but here it is (pretty much the same as last week):

16th November 2019

Hi peeps, here is the schedule for the coming week on stream:

9th November 2019

Project updates:

As regular viewers will know, the plan for the coming few months is to start on some ongoing projects of various types. Here is an update with the state of those.

RPG - The main requirements for getting the RPG streams going are: Programming - This is mostly on hold although there is programming within other projects anyway. I hope that makes some sort of sense!

Electronics - There are a lot of projects I want to do with electronics but the main thing I will be streaming will be the "8-bit Home Brew Microcomputer" that I have talked about extensively. I have quite a lot to say about this but I will start a new page separately for this - keep an eye on the navigation menu for a new link soon!

Music - The plan for a music project is to create a short (30 seconds or so) track to use as an intro theme for streams (and videos). The streaming part of this project will be after I have created and recorded the multitracks. I will then do the production on stream and bounce ideas around while we work on finishing the track.

Streaming week ahead:

Finally, here is the plan for next week's streams. Starting from the 11th (Monday) I will be streaming Monday - Thursday (that's one extra day, you lucky people!). I will mostly be streaming retro games and favourites from now on.

26th October 2019

I have decided to shelve the Monthly GNU/Hamish show (for now) for various reasons. Fear not though - I am expanding the weekday streaming schedule to four nights permanently plus adding occasional non-scheduled streams (probably on weekends). This new schedule starts in a couple of weeks - the week of Guy Fawkes is very difficult for Zeus so I might have to cut short or cancel some streams that week and next week is already scheduled.

24th October 2019

More experimentation on next week's streams.

Tuesday: Electronics time. We will take a look at some fundamental circuits and components. If you want a refresher (like me) or want to learn some basics of microelectronics then be sure to join us.

Wednesday: You don't know Jack! Or maybe you do - either way we will explore my sound setup and chat about how to route and manipulate audio in GNU/Linux with the Jack Audio Construction Kit.

Thursday: Retro gaming action again. I have been reminded that Thursday is Hallow'een so I will endeavour to find some spooky games to play.

20th October 2019

I have been talking for a while about doing something a bit different on the stream and this week is the start of some "experimentation"

Tuesday: Pen & Paper RPG. Although I want to run an old school (1970s/80s D & D) campaign eventually, I do have some multiplayer game books that will lend themselves nicely to an experimental session so I hope a few people in chat will take up the challenge and join in a simplified RPG session with me as your Game Master. Silly voices may occur.

Wednesday: Programming with Uncle Hamish. Not exactly a tutorial but I will go through some simple programming and take questions (and corrections) from the stream chat. For this experimental show we will start looking at Python. I will be using Python 3.7.4 on Arch linux if you want to follow along.

Thursday: Back to gaming with more retro action.

We will find out what works and what doesn't and I will get an idea of what I can do in future streams. I hope to see you all through the week.

17th October 2019

In case you hadn't noticed (or this is your first visit? Welcome!) I have been messing around with CSS again. I hope the new version of the site is starting to look a bit nicer. Plenty still to do as always though!

14th October 2019
This week on stream:
Tuesday's stream is Old Fart versus Young Person at MTGA, featuring F1Madkiller! He has been getting cocky lately so I need to bring my A-game and beat him bad.

Wednesday I was thinking of a relaxed chat stream with quizzes etc. as we have done in the past, then Thursday round the week off with some Retro action.

Friday is to be decided - if I can find a game that I think suits then there will be a FFN, if not then I will seek more games for the following week.

7th October 2019
Matrix chat update: Matrix.org is having a lot of issues at the moment so I haven't posted the details yet since my account and main room are on that server. I will be looking to set up a server myself and moving my account and room to that. I am not sure yet whether I will allow signups or just invite only but I will be recommending not using the same server that every bugger gets pointed to in the first instance!

Riot, by default, joins you to matrix.org and I think this is a bad idea. It would be better to get server hosts to submit their server addresses to a pool that riot (or another client) can choose from for new users.

1st October 2019
This Sunday (6th October) is the next episode of GNU/Hamish - the subject is Free/Libre/Open Source Software, Services & Adoption.

I will be joined by two special guests, HexDSL and Chris Were.

1st October 2019
Alien themed week with a couple of old favourites.
Trying out the classic AvP with D9VK on Linux this week.
Friday Fright Night this week will be an Alien: Isolation challenge mode.

24th September 2019
The result of the poll was that Retro will be this week's streams:

Tuesday: Tempest 2000 on Atari Jaguar
Wednesday: Super Mario Bros. 3 on NES
Thursday: Strider II on Megadrive

23rd September 2019
There is a poll running to decide this week's stream game(s) - check it out and have your say.

19th September 2019
Back on tonight to try to complete the game I started on Tuesday. Tomorrow it is Friday Fright Night, game to be confirmed.

18th September 2019
Sorry no stream tonight due to illness. I should be back tomorrow.