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Welcome to The PolarBear's Lair

So far, so good! Owncast streaming has been fairly smooth sailing and seems stable and high enough quality to keep everyone happy. I am certainly very happy with it and I want to learn more. There is a lot of scope for customising and interconnecting with webpages etc. A few viewers have been asking about techy features and information too, so there is lots to explore.

The new way of supporting me is via Liberapay and the website now shows a widget, bottom left. There seems to be some confusion about how it works with several asking if they can make one-off donations instead of pledging. The short answer is, yes - you can still give "tips" (I will add a link). The longer answer is that pledging via Liberapay sort of already works like that.

When you pledge it asks you for amounts per week but it then asks you to make a single payment to cover that pledge for a set amount of time. So please, follow the entire process to see if it would suit you after all. It helps me if the goal widget reflects all donations.

I am very grateful for any and all donations, no matter how they are made.

Finally, as you can see, the new website is coming together at last. I am still reacquainting myself with HTML/CCS and a little JS but I think I am wrestling it into submission. There is still a lot to do but I feel like I am making steady progress by taking small steps.

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Hamish's Computers

For those who are curious about such things here is a list of my PCs. All my computers are named for objects in our solar system.

Earth (Local PC - Arch Linux):

Mars (Local PC - Manjaro Linux):

Saturn (Remote Server- Ubuntu 22.04):

Uranus (Remote Server - AlmaLinux with Plesk):