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14th October 2019
This week on stream:
Tuesday's stream is Old Fart versus Young Person at MTGA, featuring F1Madkiller! He has been getting cocky lately so I need to bring my A-game and beat him bad.

Wednesday I was thinking of a relaxed chat stream with quizzes etc. as we have done in the past, then Thursday round the week off with some Retro action.

Friday is to be decided - if I can find a game that I think suits then there will be a FFN, if not then I will seek more games for the following week.

7th October 2019
Matrix chat update: Matrix.org is having a lot of issues at the moment so I haven't posted the details yet since my account and main room are on that server. I will be looking to set up a server myself and moving my account and room to that. I am not sure yet whether I will allow signups or just invite only but I will be recommending not using the same server that every bugger gets pointed to in the first instance!

Riot, by default, joins you to matrix.org and I think this is a bad idea. It would be better to get server hosts to submit their server addresses to a pool that riot (or another client) can choose from for new users.

1st October 2019
This Sunday (6th October) is the next episode of GNU/Hamish - the subject is Free/Libre/Open Source Software, Services & Adoption.

I will be joined by two special guests, HexDSL and Chris Were.

1st October 2019
Alien themed week with a couple of old favourites.
Trying out the classic AvP with D9VK on Linux this week.
Friday Fright Night this week will be an Alien: Isolation challenge mode.

24th September 2019
The result of the poll was that Retro will be this week's streams:

Tuesday: Tempest 2000 on Atari Jaguar
Wednesday: Super Mario Bros. 3 on NES
Thursday: Strider II on Megadrive

23rd September 2019
There is a poll running to decide this week's stream game(s) - check it out and have your say.

19th September 2019
Back on tonight to try to complete the game I started on Tuesday. Tomorrow it is Friday Fright Night, game to be confirmed.

18th September 2019
Sorry no stream tonight due to illness. I should be back tomorrow.