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Welcome to The PolarBear's Lair

Hamish logoAs some of you know, we are going to be making a robot as a new project. The upcoming streams will involve us all working together to choose and design the features while I construct the robot itself. Over the weekend I held a poll so that you could all choose the overall form and the result was that we will be making a wheeled vehicle.

Here are the final results of the poll: Poll result: Wheeled Vehicle wins

The "brain" of the robot will be an arduino type board. I have a lot of sensors and other bits and pieces from starter kits that we can put to good use. I don't have many mechanical parts yet but I have been looking into what we might need and we should have more parts as the week goes on. I must admit that although I am fairly good with electronics and computers I am not really the mechanically minded sort so we will be learning about gears and so forth together on streams.

I was going to hold a second poll to choose some details for the robot once we knew the form we would be working with but I think we will do that interactively as we go. Partly because I don't want to limit us and partly because I am pretty much going to add everything I can fit on it from the collection of bits I have available.

This page last updated: Monday 8th of August 2022