April is upon us but I hope you won’t be fool enough to miss all the exciting streams I have for you this month ;-)

The Cultural Exchange on the 3rd of April will see us catching up on our postponed Alien franchise chat, as well as some stuff we have been reading/watching/playing in March.

Mondays are, as always Music Requests Monday although I will be skipping the 22nd as I am returning from a short holiday on that day.

Tuesdays are in flux at the moment, I was hoping to be doing some techie, old school stuff but I am still waiting for the hardware for that. I am hoping to arrange at least one Wesnoth Wednesday and to reschedule the stream with Ozone too.

Keep an eye on the feed here for what I am getting up to Tuesdays and Wednesdays!

The ever-popular, Theme Thursdays are starting on the second week of April (the show from the 4th is not on as it is my girlfriend’s birthday). The themes will be listed here soon for the rest of April so you can add your suggestions if you like as well.

I look forward to joining you all throughout April on my Owncast stream!